Guardian Rotations

Jedi Knight Guardians have many different skills they can choose from for PVE DPS, tanking or PVP. How the guardian chains skills together is very important as it allows them to do maximum DPS and get the most out of each of their skills.

Guardian DPS Rotation:

Vigilance DPS Rotation:

Beginning of Fight: Saber Throw > Force Charge > Sundering Strike > Plasma Brand > Overhead Slash > Combat Focus > Sundering Strike > Blade Storm > Plasma Brand

After that just prioritize using the following abilities off cooldown until target is below 20%:
• Sundering Strike
• Plasma Brand
• Overhead Slash
• Blade Storm
• Force Stasis
• Force Sweep

When Target Below 20%: Combat Focus > Sundering Strike > Dispatch > Plasma Brand > Sundering Strike > Force Stasis > Dispatch

After that just prioritize using the following abilities off cooldown:
• Dispatch
• Sundering Strike
• Plasma Brand
• Overhead Slash
• Force Sweep

Primary Stats: 110% Accuracy > Strength > Power > Critical Strike Rating > Surge Rating

Guardian Defence Tanking Rotation:

This is a priority based rotation:

Force Leap – Always use force leap to start combat and can be used to pickup aditional mobs.
Sundering Strike – This is a focus building attack, it is better than Strike but it has a cooldown.
Strike – Our main focus building attack, with no cooldown, use this when Sundering Strike is not available.
Slash – A single target DPS attack that uses focus.
Riposte – A reactive ability which should be used as soon as possible, especially when Blade Barricade is taken.
Force Sweep – Either used as an AoE rage dump or to apply the Dust Storm debuff.
Dispatch – Only available once the target is below 20% health. This is a great DPS ability for taking down a boss’ remaining health if you have the rage to spare.
Saber Throw – Used in conjunction with Force Leap is a good way of gaining initial aggro on targets that aren’t in AoE range.
Hilt Strike – Great for snap aggro at the start of a fight.


Guardian PVP Rotations

Focus PVP Priority List:

  • • Saber Throw
    • Sundering Strike
    • Force Leap
    • Force Exhaustion / Force Stasis
    • Zealous Leap
    • Force Sweep
    • Blade Storm
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